Saturday, April 7, 2012

round the world....

its been some time again... 
its easter break right now and i'm suppose to be doing my work. 
but so sick of my 3d model i rather typ something right now.
so i decided to blog =)

just came back from another trip last week.
recently, I have been to so many places that it feels weird everytime when i manage my luggage. somewhat use to the passport handling and all that sometimes i feel that i'm missing something cause last time i would have to put more thought to packing.

After travelling to different cities and all, it really opened my eye to how different cities are like. Back then when I was home, I always said my hobby was travelling. Now that I'm experiencing it, its now something that has an entirely deeper meaning. 

Maybe explaining about each would be nice? Also for the benefit that I would be reading this again in the future and smile as I did earlier to past posts.


I've always wanted to come here. Remember I used to watch documentaries about the city. The last time I've been there, I've told myself I had enough of the place. Don't get me wrong. Its a really nice city. Overwhelmingly nice.

Da shopping is horrendous.
Avoid when pockets are full or half-full or almost empty
Pic below: Urban Outfitters

The city is happening this way. 
When big occations come, everything just goes over the top - decorations, events, etc 

And finally, the architecture.
Went to all these places I see in the architectural book. 
Most of them are as nice or even nicer when I saw them.

Other than the lousy location, I love St Paul's, especially on the larger-than-life size aspect 

Most beautiful abbey ever - Westminster Abbey

Most disappointing destination - Buckingham Palace.
Didn't think it was anything great after seeing it


This place was surprisingly unique. When I went there, I thought I was gonna get my own retiring home there - or so I thought, since I have not went to the other places yet. Just love the place. Real hard to describe why it gives ppl a different vibe.


Everyone says its a one-off thing. So we should just take a look right?
This pile of rocks had like tonnes of things to tell, according to the audio guides. 

It looks great but that's all there really is. 

Like really....


Upon visiting the city. There are three things that describes it: 

One, Cold (even the atmosphere it gives)

 Two, the great Modern Architecture.
Of course, being the origin of Modernism painting and all.
Not to mention, Bauhaus.

 and Three, the Air of the World War II that it brings in (or is it the Nazis?)

  I just think the aura of the past is still there. Or maybe its just the weather then - winter. Or is it the amount of holocaust museums that I visited.

E. France

hahaha.... I know its not a city. But can't leave this out. I have not explored the place or anything, since I've only passed by the country. Can't believe I've spent all this time buying a french dictionary and even writing a novel that took place there and all I did when I arrived there at my first time is to drive pass the place =_=

F. Amsterdam

When I signed up for this, I didn't expect to receive so much. The city really surpassed my expectations. There is the good and bad of course:

Not sure if this took place in Holland or Belgium or France, 
but the mix of the mist with the sunrise was just exhilarating.

Then, came the canals. 
I have not been to Venice so I do not know how nice would that place be. 
But coming to a city that has a canal at every 200m or so just gives that really chilling feel. 
Complemented with those cozy buildings with different details of every kind, 
I personally love this city to bits.

The Transportation.
Bicycles everywhere. 
the pathways for cars and bicycles are differentiated by mere difference of brick colours.
it was confusing at first - when the trams just randomly crossing through a small but happening shopping street and all.
 but after adapting, it makes the place that much more homey, due to the absence of tar and bitumen

Delft Blue
Just love the details.
Bought some home as well =)

Never seen so many in my life.
I thought I would be seeing them with windmills.
But I guess those are just photoshop, or nowhere near amsterdam.

Now comes the BAD:

As pretty as the city might be. Its full of two things -sex and drugs.

Red Light District
although i can say that it was interesting to visit such a place,
it really is sad to see this face of amsterdam.

Sex Museum,
more than enough of 'parts' to last me for ten lifetimes. 

these are everywhere.
I never really understand how bad it is to have these at every street of amsterdam until i tried it myself.
The feeling when i got to that stage wasn't pleasant at all. 
everything was so blurred. so uncontrollable. so lost.
Didn't like it. Don't understand why others do. 
But oh well.

The culture, the people, the atmosphere of each city is different. Each has a different unique-ness that just makes them what they are. I really understand that now and would like to see more in the future. The public transport, the cashiers, the buildings - experiencing them all gives me new perspectives of how things can work. Its interesting to figure out why ppl in London are so distant while ppl in Amsterdam are so quick to be your 'next door neighbours'.

Nice. A post of my recent travels.
Was suppose to whine about all de nostalgia.
But I guess that shall have to wait.

Am done now. Bubbyez.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


its been more than a year since i have posted something.

when i came back and read the past posts,
I've realized how much of good memories it had help me to keep all these years.
Many of it that i have lost touch of remembering because i've mixed it with other unpleasant memories as well.

for new years in 2010, i've noticed that i have put in a 2009 reflection. Maybe i should do one here as well.
And maybe even start my new year's resolution (which i currently have not even thought about at all)

2011 Reflection:-


nine months before i left, many things was a blur to me. i barely remember the details of what i have done. guess it was because i practically just live as i go, not really thinking of what i have been up to or what are the reasons for doing this and that.

However, when i looked back into my fb photo albums, i've realized there is one highlight this year - that is, being 21.

my twenty-first: best pic

shell's 21st:
we have always tried to get 'atmosphere' in our special occasions,
i think, this one was probably one of de best
Jon's 21st:
as young as eva =P

Other than it being known as the big 21 and
the 'matured' age, i have not much to say about it.Being 21 for me, just gives me the thought that i'm given de responsibility to really take care of myself. And for me to choose the path i wanna walk by myself. guess this is partly due to me having to leave in another 2months plus.

But i guess from here you could see that we bunch of 21-year-old monkeys have not exactly grown out of our young age yet. except for ed of course.


before leaving, i guess i tried very hard to achieve so many things. However all this are not included in being prepared for year 3 in de UK. I was afraid i would miss out alot for not being around - family affairs, the many 6pax outings, etc...

All these are de memories that i would like to look at every once in a while now. dunno y they just give my brain something to feel warm in, especially in this cold weather.

A. The one last family holiday b4 we're all over de place.

to be honest, this was not the best of trips i've been to, although its at de famous Gold Coast, Australia. Cause there were not very pleasant times - quarrels, etc. But when i reflect back now, we did manage to make very memorable little stories here and there.

Like this one, mum and dad's stunts in our tranquil cruise on the brisbane river. I was embarassed to see them posing all this hyper stunts with all de senior citizens looking>.<

Or this one, it looks normal for sis and me. But. Doesn't my dad look sweet in here??

My dear sis here is now enjoying LA life before she goes to Des Moines to further her studies. I wonder what does mummy think to have 2 daughters, one 13 hours (?) flight away in de UK and another 20 hours flight away in de US.
To think how close we have been during our younger years and have been places at all over the place coz of 'university'.
Really didnt see this coming.

B. Another one last trip b4 we're all over the place.

Since i'm de only one end up leaving last year, with ahlon already in Spore and with shell and jon (and ed?) leaving after me this year.
Yeah, we'll really practically be all over de place this year.

the group's traveling-round-de-world look

C. There were many things i have decided out of de blue to do - making bookmarks, rearranging de room and this, going to genting one last time:

i am so glad that i've been everywhere having mamak, a&w, chatime and every session i've been doing. coz now i have realized de one thing that i cannot tahan for living here is de food. its too much of pain not being able to just go steamboat and dim sum and noodle soup and duck rice whenever i want.

one of de few pictures that we actually succeed in having everyone in it>.<
6 pax and camwhore..sigh..


after leaving was a whole whirlwind of things coming my way. i was busy trying to cope with classes, environment and getting new friends that things just went with a slight fast forward. there are a few things that i'm really grateful of when i'm here :

A. Yee Wa, Gaya, Laura and Hui Yann

when de decision was long made for me to transfer, i never wondered on how my social life would be like. But now that i have them with me, i am really thankful.

Its true I may find friends of my own if i'm alone, but they're not the same with my fellow malaysians.

Sharing our malaysian food crave together; talking our 'la's, 'lo's and 'wei's together;and exploring this country together. nothing could be better =)

just random chats like this outside of our rooms were small moments but are great memories.

Trying to find our way to each other for two long hours in the london new year's eve traffic wasn't easy. But, it was great sharing 2012's first moments together.

Oh. And this girl. For sharing all de moments from whining about work to traveling around UK together.

Although she's noisy =P, even at de whee hours of the morning and scolded me for not opening her card at the first moments of 2012, she's still a great companion. Thanks =)

B. NTU Malaysian Society - which brought about Joy and Ann as well.

Its said that the Msian society this year is a blast. Coz there is so many of us this year. And i do agree. haha.

Bringing us to fairs, IKEA, food places...
Society members who bought us softtoys...
Organising all de clubbing and after-parties...

This bunch of people are just awesome.

I wonder why both the things i'm most grateful of here are both Malaysian. Other than de nice cold weather (not-so-nice wind and rain), the ever-changing colours of nature, and the really really really beautiful buildings here, I have really thought of the UK as something great. But guess some things have made me realize why Malaysia is so much better.

Being a Malaysian makes me realize how great our citizens are.

1. For knowing how to be equally nice to everyone although it might not be so on the political aspect.

2. For eating japanese, korean, thai, indian, chinese and malay food all in one nation, unlike here, its hard to get everything in good quality in one typical town.

3. For having a society where all cultures are exposed to us. So that we may know what are the British, Americans, Australians, Japanese, Indians, Korean and Chinese. And not just jumble them up together.

4. For speaking so many languages that we could just use any of it to converse among each other. i really never knew knowing how to speak all malay, chinese and english plus cantonese is such a good thing.

LOL. I've made Malaysia such a nice place to be in. Well, at least this is what i think. England is good too, with quality in education and all, but i guess that comes in a different aspect.

This post is getting longer and longer. Sorry for de messy post. Too long didn't play with all de mechanics of it. I'm suppose to write down my new year resolutions. that would have to wait>.< so lazy to think of them now.

Due to de environmental change, i'm having trouble at staying determined to do some things - like going out to do some errands for work or just writing my dissertation at home but my fingers are turning cold then warm then cold. All this are just too disturbing... Still cant seem to concentrate.

Hopefully i would find my way soon.
Its a long post. Congrats if you have really finished de whole thing =P

Bubbyes. Till de next post.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday, weekly holiday

crazy week turned my head upside down.
i've learnt my lesson not to commit myself to too many things ever again.
sucks all de energy out of me.
stickin out of msid,
avoiding being in-charge of anything for the time being,
quite lazy on making anything perfect ( for the time being too)

woke up from the wrong side of the bed today.
read stuff that made my head more fogged up
cleared up space for my camera too (supposedly a good thing)

these are some of the stuff that shouldn't be buried deep in my 'pictures' folder:

a pretty long time ago,
sis was talking about this last week:
to be able to climb on de roof to get rambutans

some time after de above:
year 1 last project of doom

also long ago:
a pretty picture

very recent but no longer reachable for us:
6 pacts version of a lantern festival